Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hi guys!! Yes, i promised and here it is:

The first stop with the bus. Do you remember how hot was it? There were hips of flies!

Thnaks to Chi for keep out the flies.

LisaJonas, Andrew, Anna-Maria and Mary.

Does anyone have the photo with all the girls? Send it to me, please!!

The bus' number plate...

Smiling faces ^^. Lisa, I hope ur having a great time in Aussie, enjoy it!

Please behave. lol. Karla (Austria) and Tiki (Honduras). Long tongue karla!

Kathi (Austria) and Karina (Germany). What is Melanie doing?

The italian girls with their sunnies. Lisa and Lara.

Melanie from Venezula and Lea (Switzerland).

A petrol station in the middle of nowhere. The red sand, the outback.

Lisa and Sylvia (Holland).

The bus was our home for those two weeks.

The first night on the station: Netto (mexico), Andrew (USA) and Lisa (Austria)

Sophie (Austria), Michi (Paraguay) and Netto (Mexico).

Karla (Austria), Diego (Brazil) and Mela (Venezuela).

Lea, Lara, Jonas (Switzerland) and Stephie (Switzerland).

The next morning the Aboriginals came a litlle bit late. They cooked kangaroo and Dampa. Here he is cutting the kangaroo that they had just killed. Les fotos seguents tambe son una mica "salvatges".

Preparing the barbie.

People use each part of the kangaroo. Except the leg.

Inside the room we cut the meat.

Poor kangaroo..

Lisa, you ar sitting under the kangaroo leg!!

Segur que vosaltres tambe penseu que es una mica salvatge. Jo al principi tambe ho pensava, pero hi han un munt de cangurs a Australia, a mes era un dels menjars mes comuns dels Aborigens. Per aquells que pensin: "quin fastic!", la carn estava molt bona.

Preparing the food.

The tail. The kangaroo tail is really strong.

We started to cook the Dampa (is like bread). They use to cooked under the ground.

Mary (Slovakia). She had an accident just before the Safari.

I can't belive I slept here!! I think that this house was for the people who worked in the farm. Do you remember the frogs in the girls toilet?

It was very aislated but it was beautiful.

Stephie was helping the Aboriginal guys.

It doesn't look bad!

Tikki and Lisa.

Anne-Laure (France) hepled with the Dampa.

Red meat...

That was Aboriginal art.

These pictures always mean something, they are like stories.

It was really hot.

Talking in the shade.

Some flora.

The sunscreen was really important. Isa (Germany).

The Dampa was really nice with Golden Syrup.

Eating kangaroo.

lol. yes, that's me!

Having lunch somewhere...On our way to Newman.

Every midday we eat sandwich. Every night there was a group who prepared the meals.

Our second night we slept in the bush. The sun was beautiful.

There was nothing else than us.

And the chairs...

Preparing everything for that night.

Everyone had a task. I had to clean the bus each day, it was full of red sand!

Good night Anne-Laure and Lara.

Melanie, Stephie and Sylvia.

Pumping the air bed. We slept under the stars without tents.

Playing the guitar and singing in front the fire. We sang: give me a home among the gums trees, with lots of plums trees... or:

It's time to bed!

It was Lisa´s birthday!!! Happy birthday!

Lisa (Germany) cutting the cake.

Jonas, Andrew, Chi, Diego and me. The tropic of Capricorn.

We stopped to have lunch.

Eating after a swim.

Where am I? It was huge!

WE had to wear like this for the mine. Sylvia, Anna Maria (my bus cleaner partner) and me.

The mine was really big.

It was really windy!! Nice glasses. lol

I cant belive humans have done that. It was massive!

Taking lots of pictures.

This mine was in Newman.

Grup photo.
A bush fire. The outback was so big and aislated that no one tried to stop a fire if it was far away from towns.

It is hard to belive but that was a ants' nest. The bus driver and Jonas.

This day we had to walk a lot! Before go down we saw where we were going.

Circular Pool in Karrijini National Park.

We started to go down.

It looked really steep.

Once we got there we just wanted to swim, but the water was so cold!!

In the sun was better..

That splash was me!

Netto looking for... ¿the camera?

-We´ve better jump, bcause i am freezing!

Eating biscuits. Were they yummy or was I hungry?

Good shot!

I love Karrijini.

OK, let's go!
We stopped to have lunch in the shade.

The rock was really sharp, it seemed like it was going to fall.

Melanie, Stephie and Andrew.

Aboriginal Art. Can you see it? It is in the dark part.

When we finished we kept walking.

Does anyone knows what Billabong is? Is not just a name for the clothes. In this photo Karla and me where swiming in a billabong.

Some people preferred to have a rest.

That is a really big spider!

The bus driver and his wife.

We were ready to go!

Where are we going now??
That is a beautiful water fall.

Are you tired Chi??

I think everyone was tired.

Can you see the flying foxes hanging of the trees?

That is a poisonous snake. You only can see the head.

Me and Netto in another pool.

Me, Anna Maria and Netto.

Lisa and Sylvia
This pool had a deth tree in the middle.

Talking on the stairs.

Everyone look at the photo!!! Do you remember this bloody flies that bite you?

Lea Anna Maria and Diego.

It was so cold to swim.Everyone was having a chat.

We were going back to the place were we slept. Julian, me and Karla.

It was a long day, I just wanted to go to bed.

The next day we had lots of walk! We saw lots of different places!

Michi and Lea in the bus.

Most of the ways didnt have stairs.

Mary and me.
Karla. Do you still remeber some catalan words?
Therewas a mountain!!
Tikki, Karla, Julian and Mary.

Lisa, Tiki, Lisa, me and Sylvia on the look out.

Some people walked, the other ones swam.

In the afternoon we went to that pool. It was hard to get in.

It wasn´t much light at all.

Having a rest and getting suntan.

Y se hizo la luz!
Don't you think it's a good picture? the Spa Pool.

The rocks were awsome!
Where does it go?

Karla [nd] me
Me, Michi and Lara.
Isa and the hat.

Michi, me, Lisa, Karla and Netto.

Mary, Bob Marley and me.

Sylvia, Adriana, Melanie and Stephie.

Me and Karla. Have you found ur beachboy?

Julian. How is ur wife? lol
Are you ready to have lunch?

Lisa, Michi, Netto and Isa in the beach.

Ilove that colour of the water!

We went on a boat.

You will miss the boat!

The fish was really big!
Do they bite you? I don´t want to swim!!

Andrew, Anne-Laure, Michi, Lisa, Alice and Nicole.

That is coral.

The fish just bite you if someone throws you fish food!

The Capitans and me!
We left the sea and we went to a ¿river?

Karla, Lara, me, Lisa, Michi, Lisa and Lisa.
In Canarvon. In the banana plantation.

There was grapes, too.
I don't like bananas!

Mary and the grapes.

This day was cloudy!
Can you take a picture?
Lisa, me, Tiki and Karla.
Even though it was cloudy it was nice.

It was a quite place.

Me and Lisa.
Karla, Lisa and Lara.
Melanie, Andrew, Nicole, Stehie, Dylvia, Mary...

This day was really windy! Lisa, Anne-Laure, Karla, Tiki and me

Happy birthday!!!
We got up really early to see the sunrise.

But we were half asleep.

We saw a big tortue! "I yo hice ah!!"...

Do you want to go for a Camel riding?

The dolphins came to the beach and the volunteers told us a few things about them.

It was a shame you wee not allow to touch them.

Michi!! Te lo prometí!! Aquí la foto que tanto esperabas!

3 pelicans.

Chi, Lisa, Lisa and Isa on the catamaran.

The guys helped to started the boat.

It was very cold!
Everyone ask for this "Pescanova" coat bcause we were cold.

Alice and me.

Lisa and me.

Anne-Laure and me.

Tikki and me.
The "Catamaran".

Lisa and me.

Me and Sylvia.
Me and Lisa.

Chi and me.
Jonas, me and the crab's leg.
Last night in the bush. When we went to the "toilet".
The last sunset.

Lisa and Michi in the toilet. lol!

We were really bored!

Last night. It was really cold!

The fire wasn't enough to keep us warm. What is Diego doing?

Everyone was freezing and sad.

Julian, Karla and me.
Karla, Netto (happy) and Lisa (sad).
Is it cold?

Goodbye to kathi and karina.

Anne-Laure, Lisa and Lara waiting for the bus. ç

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